Exterior Facility Management for Retail Stores & Shopping Centers

Exterior Facility Management for Retail: Ensuring Your Guests Will Enjoy Their Shopping Experience

Excellent merchandising goes beyond the confines of your store. The goal is to establish a secure and enjoyable environment that draws customers to a rewarding shopping experience, boosts sales for merchants, and positively advertises your entire property. The Grounds Control USA team will manage your landscapes and exteriors to improve consumer experiences and boost sales.  Whether you manage a chain retailer, shopping mall, mixed-use town center, or retail center - Grounds Control USA is here to help streamline your operations.

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Landscape Maintenance

Landscape maintenance is vital to any multi-location business that wants to offer a welcoming and safe brand experience.

Snow and Ice Removal

Removing snow and ice quickly and effectively is imperative to keeping your operations running smoothly during the winter months.

Parking Lot Maintenance

Routine maintenance and regular upkeep will limit potential liability issues, safety concerns, and protect property value.

Why Retail Stores Should Partner With Grounds Control USA

Shoppers visiting your location will be able to tell when things are maintained and working properly—and when they aren't. The success of any retail establishment hinges on its ability to keep customers happy and coming back. The first impression that is made is a crucial one. Our team offers a team with the expertise to maintain your property's look and function, from stunning landscaping to spotless exteriors.

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Outsourced Exterior Facility Management For Retail Businesses

Shopping Centers

Make department stores, outlets, and food courts more inviting and increase the time (and money) spent there by creating an enjoyable shopping experience. Although window displays and signage are vital components of a retailer's image, customers will first interact with your landscape, which is just as crucial.


Lifestyle and Mixed-Use Developments

Improve your outdoor space with shady lounging places, colorful landscaping, breathtaking water features, and seasonal decorations. Keep parking lots and walkways accessible and secure for patrons. Our design, development, and landscape maintenance teams can work together to complete this fast, effectively, and within your budget.


Big Box Chain Stores

Bringing your landscaping services under BrightView's unified management scheme requires cost control and predictable budgets. Our environmentally friendly landscaping programs offer affordable options in addition to the crucial landscape maintenance services of blowing to remove leaves and debris, mowing grassy areas, and removing snow and ice in the winter.


Shopping Centers and Strip Malls

Strip malls are redefining themselves as desirable destinations for locals to shop and hang out, complete with restaurants, medical services, and even beer gardens. While the importance of landscaping to enhance a shopping center's aesthetic appeal has increased, the need for clear parking lots and clean sidewalks and walkways continues to be crucial for the security of the property.


Quick Service Restaurants, Gas Stations & Convenience Stores

With the help of our exterior maintenance services, become known as the town's cleanest, most appealing gas stations and convenience stores. We'll develop a specific plan to achieve your objectives, such as improving the landscaping, patios, and rest spots to attract consumers. We'll also take care of your continuing maintenance requirements, such as power washing, lot sweeping, lot striping, and snow removal to maintain pathways, pumping areas, and parking lots tidy and free of obstructions.