Exterior Facility Management for Banks & Financial Services

Exterior Facility Management: Giving Banks and Financial Institutions Their Best Customer Experience

Facility managers encounter a variety of problems regardless of the business, especially as the number of facilities they are in charge of grows. Managing several locations can sometimes bring unique facility concerns in the banking sector. Facility managers specifically confront the issue of providing quality services to small, usually remote facilities outside large city centres while managing a spread portfolio of locations.

Managing your facilities maintenance program will take less time and money thanks to our team of skilled project managers and carefully selected field partners. Learn more about how our team can assist you:

  • Simplify difficult procedures
  • Improve employee and customer satisfaction
  • Remove unnecessary work orders
  • Lower the cost of operations
  • Limit overall liability

Your success depends on keeping up a welcoming and consistent appearance. It is crucial to draw and keep new consumers since your bank's outside and accessibility physically expresses value to your customers. Facility managers need an external maintenance strategy that will enable them to solve concerns quickly and effectively in order to maintain buildings safe and in outstanding condition.

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Landscape Maintenance

Landscape maintenance is vital to any multi-location business that wants to offer a welcoming and safe brand experience.

Snow and Ice Removal

Removing snow and ice quickly and effectively is imperative to keeping your operations running smoothly during the winter months.

Parking Lot Maintenance

Routine maintenance and regular upkeep will limit potential liability issues, safety concerns, and protect property value.

Why The Financial Industry Should Partner With Grounds Control USA

Your visitors will be able to tell when things are maintained and working properly—and when they aren't. The success of a bank hinges on your ability to keep your clients happy and comfortable. The first impression a visitor has is crucial. Our team offers a team with the expertise to maintain your property's look and function, from stunning landscaping to spotless exteriors.

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Advantages of Outsourced Exterior Facility Management 

Exterior Maintenance On-Demand

Bank and financial institutions have a variety of visually pleasant and safety components that require routine maintenance. Never again worry about the deadline or the tasks at hand. With a countrywide network of more than 800 field partners, Grounds Control USA can efficiently complete your facility maintenance schedule.


Concentrate the Important Parts of Your Business

Other continuous tasks for your staff are just as important as maintaining the parking lot and the grounds. By freeing up your own resources, Grounds Control USA enables your staff to focus on the critical tasks at hand.


Enhanced Response Time

Your on-site team should always be free to focus on doing what they do best—making your guests' experiences enjoyable. Give your personnel the tools they need to quickly request exterior facility services so they can go back to their primary duties without encountering unneeded obstacles. Calling Grounds Control USA is all it takes to get assistance.