The Complete Guide to Commercial Parking Lot Repair

Did you know that more than 50,000 wrecks occur in parking lots every year? This accounts for 20% of all car accidents. Many people are injured and some of them die.

These accidents occur for various reasons, and while this might not always be the fault of the commercial property owner, it’s still a concern.

To avoid being held liable for these accidents, you need to complete regular maintenance and timely repairs.

Keep reading to learn what you should know about parking lot repair services.

Common Parking Lot Problems

There are many reasons why a parking lot maintenance program is important. Parking lots can deteriorate over time and cause ongoing challenges for business owners. Deterioration occurs from environmental elements and constant exposure to traffic.

Potholes and cracks are common but are simple repairs for professionals. Potholes can occur from the breakdown of asphalt due to repeated vehicle load, temperature fluctuations, and water infiltration.

Different types of cracks can form from material aging, thermal expansion, and contraction. Cracks allow water to seep into the base layer of the asphalt, causing more damage.

Complex problems like subsidence or sinking surfaces occur less often. If a parking lot is constructed on unstable ground, you could be dealing with this problem more than others.

Parking Lot Repair Techniques

Addressing parking lot problems quickly can increase the lifespan of your pavement. Professionals will use common repair methods such as infrared repair and crack sealing.

Infrared repair is an advanced technique for repairing large potholes and cracks. The treatment involves heating damaged areas and blending them with new asphalt.

Crack sealing is an ideal method for smaller cracks. It involves filling small cracks with a durable sealant. This will help prevent further deterioration and water ingress.

Proactive Asphalt Maintenance

Having a proactive parking lot maintenance plan is crucial for extending the life of your parking lot and preventing major damage. Opt for regular professional inspections to identify early wear and tear.

Preventative measures involve seal coating and drainage improvements. Seal coating is a protective layer that shields your parking lot from UV rays, oil spills, water, and other damaging elements.

Drainage improvements can prevent water accumulation. Improving storm drainage is necessary to avoid the weakening of the asphalt base, which can cause potholes.

If rainwater cannot drain correctly from the parking lot, it will start to pool. Standing water causes holes and cracks that can lead to:

  • Shorter parking lot lifespan
  • Increased risk of trips and falls
  • Breeding unsanitary conditions
  • Causing damage to surrounding infrastructure and vehicles

It’s important to catch drainage issues early on. Drainage can be corrected, but it’s costly, especially for larger parking lots.

Parking Lot Resurfacing

Parking lot resurfacing is a general term for maintenance. Some parking lot owners use this term when talking about parking lot repair. Some people confuse resurfacing with resealing and repaving.

Resealing involves adding a new layer of sealcoat to the parking lot. This is done without laying down a new asphalt coat. This is the least intensive repair.

In contrast, repaving is the most intensive parking lot repair. Repaving involves removing the old pavement and replacing it with an entirely new asphalt layer. Afterward, the new layer is seal-coated.

Resurfacing is the option in between the two. This treatment involves adding a new asphalt layer, but only one that is two inches deep. The parking lot looks new because the signs of wear and tear are eliminated.

Parking lot resurfacing is a cost-effective way to add more years to your parking lot. Parking lot resurfacing keeps your guests safe and increases property values.

Long-Term Parking Lot Care

Preventative parking lot maintenance can improve your commercial property and help with long-term success. In addition to regular maintenance, these long-term care strategies can enhance the appearance and durability of your parking lot:

  • Regular cleaning
  • Traffic management
  • Landscaping considerations

Keeping your parking lot clean and free of spills and debris can prevent staining and deterioration of the surface.

Traffic management is a little more complex. Implement measures for evenly distributed traffic across your parking lot. This can help reduce potential wear in areas with high traffic.

Proper landscaping will provide shade to the asphalt surface and prevent root intrusion.

Signs You Need Parking Lot Repair

Do you know when your commercial property needs parking lot repair? Pay attention to these signs to decide when you need to call in a professional.

Faint Lines or Stripes

Traffic, sunlight, rain, and other daily exposures cause the markings on your parking lot to lose brightness. With significant wear, the lines and stripes will fade.

Parking lot repair services can redraw these markings to make them more visible. This is a service often included in parking lot resurfacing.


An uneven surface is a sign of trouble for your parking lot. Pressure from vehicles driving on your lot daily can cause distortion that results in uneven surfaces.

Warping is more common in heavy vehicles. If you don’t maintain your parking lot, you’ll see uneven services commonly.

Cracks and Potholes

As discussed above, cracks and potholes are problems that should be handled as soon as possible.

When cracks appear, it’s time to think about resurfacing. Deep cracks are severe hazards to people and their vehicles. If ignored, cracks can spread and cause damage to the foundation of the parking lot.

People hate potholes and for good reason! They can easily damage vehicles and are simply just annoying.

For people walking, potholes can become a trip or fall hazard, especially in colder months.

Maintain Your Parking Lot With Our Services

Parking lot repair services are essential for keeping your guests and employees safe. Whether they are in their vehicle or on foot, a great parking lot affects your business reputation.

At Grounds Control USA, we specialize in parking lot repair and maintenance. With over 30 years of experience and over 800 vetted field partners, we can manage any property in the nation.

We complete parking lot repairs for major industries like hospitality, apartment management, industrial companies, and more.

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