Grounds Maintenance Technician Conducting Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming Do’s and Don’ts

Tree Trimming Do’s and Don’ts

As the crisp autumn breeze dances away and the winter wind rolls in, deciduous trees will discard their leaves and pave the way for pruning shears. Tree trimming is one of those ongoing tasks that is best left to seasoned pros.

The essence of tree trimming requires proper pruning practices so trees and shrubs remain gorgeous and full of life. Tree trimming is as much about science as it is about skill and requires dedication and proficiency. However, responsible property owners should also know the do’s and don’t of traditional tree trimming in order to avoid damaging a property’s foliage beyond repair.


  • DO maintain maintenance year round.
  • DO look for pests and other tree diseases.
  • DO remove damaged, dead, or diseased limbs as needed.  
    DO prune overgrown bushes and trim branches too close to buildings or power lines.  
  • DO use proper pruning best practices such as the ⅓ & ¼ rules.
  • DO know pruning techniques for trimming inner and outer foliage.
    DO inspect foliage before and after storms and remove broken branches.
  • DO trim trees in winter to promote new growth in spring.
  • DO trim trees in summer to slow growth of problem areas.
  • DO trim to encourage flower production.


  • DON’T attempt to prune or cut down a tree without a seasoned professional.
  • DON’T cut off the branch collar.
  • DON’T prune your trees too often.
  • DON’T use wound paint or treat pruning cuts.
  • DON’T trim any trees planted that same year.
  • DON’T trim more than 25% of a trees branches in any given year.
  • DON’T prune a flowering tree in the spring until all blossoms have opened.
  • DON’T prune foliage in the fall when fungi spores are abundant.
  • DON’T clean up any storm damage until pictures are taken for insurance claims.
  • DON’T leave more than ¼” of growth above shrub buds.

Improper tree trimming techniques can lead to disastrous effects on the health and longevity of your property’s foliage. Prevent your landscape from lacking luster by seeking out a seasoned professional who will expertly maintain optimal results on your grounds year round.

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