Tree Trimming Do’s and Don’ts

Grounds Maintenance Technician Conducting Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming Do’s and Don’ts As the crisp autumn breeze dances away and the winter wind rolls in, deciduous trees will discard their leaves and pave the way for pruning shears. Tree trimming is one of those ongoing tasks that is best left to seasoned pros. The essence of tree trimming requires proper pruning practices…

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Parking Lot Maintenance: Preparing Your Asphalt for Winter

Overhead View Of Parking Lot Filled With Cars

It’s only August and still sizzling hot outside, but don’t be deceived: winter is coming. Now is the time to consider your parking lot maintenance and prepare your asphalt for the imminent ice and snow. Colder, harsher weather can cause cracks, potholes, rapid deterioration and more frequent and costly repairs. Taking the time to follow…

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The Best Times to Plant Trees in Cold and Warm Climates

Close Up Photo Of Trees And Leaves

To plant or not to plant? When it comes to gardening and landscaping, timing plays a huge role in the success of your grounds. Yes, maintenance matters, but first—make sure you are selecting the right varieties for your region and planting at the most opportune times. That will ensure the success and growth of your…

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How to Keep Your Landscape Lush During Drought

Closeup Photo Of An Arid Patch Of Droughted Land

The past few have been landmark years for drought across the United States. With record-breaking dryness, people are struggling just to keep their grass green, not to mention planting a lush flower bed. With up to 22.5 percent of the United States experiencing drought in 2017 and only a slight decrease this year—water shortages are…

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