4 Reasons to Implement a Parking Lot Maintenance Program

Maintaining parking areas is a fundamental part of good property management. Establishing a plan for routine maintenance in a parking area enables businesses to reduce expenses, keep facilities looking great, and reduce their liability exposure. Here are some of the best benefits of a preventative maintenance plan that companies should evaluate.

1. Proactively Prevent Problems

Maintaining asphalt can be a costly and intensive undertaking. Continuous exposure to the sun makes asphalt susceptible to cracking and crumbling over time. Likewise, having to endure wet weather on a regular basis will invariably degrade asphalt’s resilience. In areas that receive moderate to heavy snowfall every year, snow removal with plows in addition to the use of salt and other ice-melting materials can damage or erode asphalt.

After paving, protective sealants fortify asphalt against the elements. In accordance with industry standards, sealing should take place no later than three to six months after paving. The need to repeat the process may depend on the quality of the initial paving project and the location of a parking area. In general, however, it is necessary to perform resealing every three to five years as part of an integrated parking lot maintenance program.

The proper use of sealants mitigates the effects of water permeation. Without this safeguard, asphalt and other pavement materials will almost certainly crack and become loose over time. Proactive initiatives with sealing help property owners and managers get the most out of all of the paving work that they have done and reduce the need to repave the same area frequently.

2. Identify and Address Issues Effectively

A parking lot maintenance program can include provisions for correcting issues as they develop. Periodic inspections enable managers to determine when they need to act to correct a problem area with patchwork.

Between resealing, it may be necessary to do patchwork in small areas. When just a small spot becomes compromised and starts to crumble, the affected area can spread rather quickly if it is not adequately treated.

With a well-crafted parking lot maintenance plan to inspect and address problem areas, companies are able to reduce the overall scope of work that they need to perform in lots. Having a game plan in place with guidance from a knowledgeable service provider spares managers from uncertainty and guesswork about when a problem needs attention and how to resolve it.

3. Enhance a Lot’s Aesthetic Appeal

A parking lot maintenance plan must include procedures for regular sweeping and cleaning. Removing trash and debris from a lot will dramatically enhance its appearance and make a positive impression on people as soon as they step out of their car. In fact, maintaining an appealing aesthetic of a building’s exterior is considered a critical aspect of enhancing the customer experience.

Sealing protocols can also serve an aesthetic function because they can safeguard pavement from fading. Sealants can also minimize the appearance of stains from oil leaks and other chemical spills.

4. Avoid Liability Concerns

Premises liability is a major concern for virtually every type of company. Businesses have an affirmative duty of care to keep a property in a safe condition. The duty of care may include preventative maintenance as well as remedial measures for most of the common facility maintenance challenges that a business knew about or should have reasonably known about.

Taking thorough steps to maintain a parking lot is consistent with the applicable duty of care that businesses owe to their patrons and other people who come onto the premises. Keeping a lot free of obvious trip hazards such as potholes or raised cracks can make a parking lot safer for people to walk in and avert slip-and-fall claims.

Ultimately, a good parking lot maintenance program can help companies resolve issues expediently and affordably. Grounds Control USA’s experienced team members can help you form a plan for maintaining your parking lot. Contact us for more information about how our team can help you take great care of your lot.